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About Us

We are an Information security & Identity provider company offering a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, including endpoint protection, network security, cloud security, and security consulting.

We have a team of cybersecurity experts with years of experience in the field. They have worked with businesses of all sizes across industries, having a deep understanding of the cybersecurity challenges that businesses face and how to address them.


To be the premier Mobile-as-Identity provider for the modern, hyper-connected, mobile-centric world.


Our mission is to support our clients and users to ensure that as a cyber security firm to build, sustain, improve, and protect and mitigate all modern-day cyber-attacks.

Why Cybernexa?


Cybernexa has a wealth of expertise dealing with both large and small clients, we have been able to offer a wide range of solutions to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients in the competitive market. Our research strategy is centred on creating the best solution and service offering.


We are aware that each client is different, and that not all of your company's needs may be met by pre-made solutions. Because of this, we gather complex data and create simpler solutions, giving you options to pick from based on your needs.


One instance of CyLock can cater to all your needs. Our custom built solutions and strategies can help you secure your digital assets with increased security without compromising with ease of use.

Our positioning

Client Focus
  • Large enough to execute big projects; small enough to be agile.

  • Simple organization with strong commitment to customer service

  • Solid understanding of business processes, trends, and best practices in the industry.

Our Focus - CyLock
Our Expert team - CyLock

High Performance Teams

  • Compatible time zone with U.S. and Europe

  • Cultural affinity

  • Best talents in the region

Value proposition for our people

Our facilities
  • The infrastructure and the modern design of our development centres allow for a fluid communication and team building.

  • Our offices are strategically located in quiet neighbourhoods.

Our culture
  • We believe that excellence and quality is not divorced from having fun.

Our Culture - CyLock


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In Cybernexa, some of the brightest people are reshaping the way organizations understand and defend against external threats.
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