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Partner Program

  • Our Partner Program has been designed to help you expand your business by delivering greater value to your clients across our variety of products.
  • Add CyLock MFA product as your trusted security partner to protect your customer’s personal data, assets by providing a strong authentication and distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • As a Partner, you will also have direct exposure to our resource library, events, online training, sessions and benefit to facilitate better customer service and add value to your customers.
  • There are many benefits to selecting us as your trustworthy and reliable security partner.
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Some of our

Partner Program Features

Moment for Protection

Our SaaS-mode solutions fit into current applications without any new infrastructure or technical development programs.


CyLock brings a high level of user authentication to your managed endpoints from our cloud based PKI.

Technical Expertise

Cybernexa continues to follow the latest international standards for technology and product engineering and application development.

Trusted Platform

Our Out of Band Authentication MFA uses secondary channel communication to defend against cyber-attacks and enables your customers to gain full and an exclusive control over their strong authentication function.

Enrollment and Self Service Management

CyLock offers a number of Enrollment methods to add users to the system.

Self-enrolling empowers users to add themselves to CyLock by setting up a successful-Multi factor authentication. End users would be able to manage user rights, notification and authentication, register multiple device from their environment with their usual processes. (SSO,ADFS, MS Active directory, CISCO ISE, Remote Desktop Login, VPN).

Adaptability and Easy integration

Our solutions are tailored to every business need and protect all authentication modes for devices, applications and network. You can confidently provide your users with the choice of their preferred secure authentication method. Our solution can be easily integrated with your application easily in few steps

An all in one platform

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