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CyLock MFA

An Extra Layer Of Authentication To Protect The Data With Strong Security And Ease

CyLock Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) is a token-less, advanced Out-of-Band MFA solution which provides strong authentication & authorization mechanism using end users mobile devices that defeats modern cyber threats like Phishing , SIM swap fraud & Man-in-the-Middle and provides real-time protection to user identity & data.

Forget expensive, cumbersome tokens, and non-user-friendly SMS OTPs. With CyLock, MFA deployment, management and support are simplified; which helps in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership when compared to hardware tokens. Whether you opt for on-premise deployment or leverage the cloud-based MFA-as-a-Service platform, CyLock MFA provides the flexibility to customize according to your specific requirements.

Worried about end-user training and associated support costs? No problem, CyLock MFA uses technology your users already possess and are familiar with - smartphones and tablets. What’s more, with industry leading feature set and secure authentication methods, we stand apart from the competition. Whether you are looking to add Multi-Factor Authentication to Web application log-in or for financial transactions, VPNs to SSH, CyLock MFA is the solution you deserve.

No hardware required - CyLock MFA

No hardware required

CyLock is a token-less MFA solution that does not require special hardware / token device to carry out second factor authentication (2FA). Authentication is simply done through end users mobile phone

Cloud or On-Premises

CyLock can be deployed either on cloud (AWS or Azure or Google or any other cloud service provider) or on-premise data center or on SaaS

Cloud or On-Premises - CyLock MFA
Cloud or On-Premises - CyLock MFA

Easy Self-enrollment

Enrolling end-users into a MFA system is a time-consuming, error prone and costly process. That is why CyLock comes with a convenient, QR code based, self-enrollment feature. With a quick scan of a custom generated QR Code and few taps, your users are automatically enrolled into and protected by CyLock.

Out-Of-Band Authentication

Averting modern cyber-attacks such as Phishing, Man in the Middle (MITM) and other Single Channel attacks require sophisticated Multi-Factor Authentication solutions. Existing solutions such as OTP hardware tokens, SMS OTPs, Phone OTPs or even transaction signing tokens do not offer full protection against these attacks. CyLock employs secure secondary channel communication with your enterprise apps and services, otherwise known as an Out-of-Band channel, to overcome such attacks.

Out-Of-Band Authentication - CyLock MFA
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Diverse Authentication Factors

CyLock MFA supports a variety of online and offline authentication modes which are available to the user to perform a seamless multi-factor authentication using CyLock MFA mobile app. Understanding the need for business continuity, end user constraints, CyLock MFA provides authentication mechanisms like GRID OTP, SMS OTP and Email OTP that does not depend on the mobile app.

CyLock MFA Authentication Factor

Features of CyLock

Benefits of Cylock MFA

Seamless Experience

CyLock’s mobile-centric approach provides a seamless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) experience, facilitating quick user adoption thereby reducing support requests and administrative overheads. Push and QR based authentications alleviate the challenges associated with MFA, ensuring a smoother and more user-friendly authentication process.

Deployment Model

Apart from the SaaS cloud deployment available for any organization to self-register for enabling MFA for various applications; on-premise and private cloud deployments are also available for organizations to choose from.

Authentication Factors

CyLock offers a wide range of built-in MFA options that can be set based on organization policies to enable strong security for application / resource access. Go passwordless with our secured QR code based authentication eliminating account takeover.


Our solution is PIN safe with robust built-in security measures; CyLock MFA offers a strong defence against unauthorized access to corporate resources posed by modern cyber threats.

One Solution Multiple Use Cases

Be it the SaaS platform or on-premise deployment of CyLock MFA, one solution can protect Applications, Network Devices, VPN, Desktop Login and much more against modern cyber threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by multi-factor authentication?
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security method requiring users to provide multiple credentials for access. Typically, these include something you know (password), something you have (security token), and something you are (biometric data).CyLock MFA enhances security by combining these factors, bolstering protection against unauthorized access and ensuring robust identity verification.
Who uses multi-factor authentication?
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is widely used across industries and by individuals concerned about security. Organizations, financial institutions, and tech companies implement MFA to safeguard sensitive data. Individuals also opt for MFA to protect personal accounts. CyLock MFA stands out as a reliable solution, offering advanced security for diverse user needs.
What are the benefits of MFA authentication?
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) enhances security by adding layers of verification, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. It mitigates the impact of stolen passwords and provides an additional barrier against cyber threats. CyLock MFA takes these benefits further, offering a robust solution with advanced features to safeguard digital identities and sensitive information effectively.
What are the 3 factors of multi-factor authentication?
The three factors of multi-factor authentication (MFA) are: 1. Something you know (Password or PIN): Knowledge-based credential. 2. Something you have (Security token or smartphone): Possession-based credential. 3. Something you are (Biometric data like fingerprint or iris scan): Inherence-based credential. CyLock MFA excels by combining these factors for robust and advanced security measures.
What's the difference between MFA and 2FA?
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) involves multiple layers of identity verification, such as passwords, tokens, and biometrics. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a subset of MFA, requiring two types of credentials. CyLock MFA surpasses both, providing advanced security with a comprehensive approach, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access.
What is multi-factor vs two-factor authentication?
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) involves verifying identity through multiple methods, like passwords, tokens, and biometrics. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a subset of MFA, requiring two types of credentials. While 2FA is a specific form of MFA, CyLock MFA elevates security with a comprehensive approach, utilizing multiple factors for robust identity verification.
How secure is MFA?
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) significantly enhances security by requiring multiple forms of identification, reducing vulnerability to password-related breaches. It adds a crucial layer of protection against unauthorized access. CyLock MFA, with its advanced features and robust design, provides a highly secure solution, ensuring reliable defense against evolving cyber threats.
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