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Throughout the years, we have learned that many internet businesses have reported that there have been security compromises that have leaked internal records as well as email addresses and passwords of their users. Many registered user email accounts with obfuscated password were exposed by internet criminals.

Web offenders collect thousands of email addresses and passwords from wide web sites, blogs or online stores to obtain unwanted entry to their victims' accounts. Using phishing, internet offenders attempt to deliver links to programmed websites through false emails that can then be used to obtain passwords PINs or TAN Transaction authentication number. E-mails tend to come from an official mailing list, bank or online shop and usually request a change in one of the authentication factors – apparently for security purposes. In truth, they only want to have keys to your password, PIN, or TAN.

Such so-called phishing attacks often offer perpetrators access to details on confidential accounts.

Why use Multi factor authentication to protect email?

While many organizations use SMS as a second factor to secure an email address, the curious truth is that SMS can fool businesses and end users into a false sense of security and intruders have managed to intercept the second factor. There are a variety of well-established forms the attackers can intercept one-time codes transmitted by text messages.

One of the best methods to secure your own identities against these attacks is with CyLock Multi factor authentication system. Through that, access to an account is only available through a second identification check. CyLock Multi factor authentication provides an additional level to the identification process, or a kind of second barrier that must first be passed by unauthorized persons. As a consequence, almost all of the common phishing attacks have failed.

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