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Have you got a username system?

CyLock will secure the websites, Intranet logins, addresses, e-commerce , online banking and several other web resources from unauthorized access.

Okay, how are transactions?

Online banking and other financial institutions that conduct critical transactions may be protected through CyLock's Out-of-Band request authentication. If your services are hosted on-site or in the cloud, with simple integration plugins for CyLock, your authentication and transaction processes can be safe and run in no time.

Multi-factor authentication has become an essential and vital aspect of password security, since credentials are no longer secure due to rising and changing criminal activity.

High profile data breaches have been occurring on a daily basis and many username and password combinations of various systems and applications are available for sale on the Dark Web.

Why MFA for login and transaction?

As internet and web usage has grown over the years and businesses are increasing their digital transformation initiatives, the amount of online accounts for each person has also risen and this rise in the number of usernames and passwords causes people to use the same password across several accounts. Also users are not aware of the importance of security and keep simple password to remember and they believe that their credentials will not be soft target for cyber criminals.

Companies can no longer trust that knowing exactly the correct password is sufficiently legitimate to enable a user access to the system.

The CyLock mobile app makes it easier for consumers to accept or reject logins with only one click right from their Smartphone anywhere. Once you have enabled CyLock MFA the security would always fail and avoid unauthorized entry, even if the intruder knows the password of the victim.

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