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Implement CyLock MFA - Protect your Web application from Modern Attacks

Business Organizations can implement MFA for all users / employees accessing websites / Applications protected by CyLock MFA ( ie.,Transactional web application like Banking application, Insurance, work flow based application like B2B Ecommerce, collaborative web application like e-learning websites and Content Management System, Travel System etc., ) for both internet and Intranet.

Why to protect Web Application?

The Internet proliferation and delivery of effective, efficient online apps and utilities in any corner of the planet is not less a blessing for a human being

Nevertheless, if solo passwords are regularly deemed to safeguard and defend the website accounts, these blessings may soon transform into distress. The user's sensitive and private details are maintained on Network or online account. Passwords are no longer capable of safeguarding and protecting online information and data for the organization or users.

Web applications are more susceptible to be used for cyber assaults , as they can be quickly exploited by modern attacks like Phishing ( redirecting to malicious website), session Hijacking, predictable session token, session sniffing, Man in the middle, Man in the browser, website hijacking by any individual irrespective of location, time and various devices.

Securing personal accounts and data has to be a key priority for every enterprise.

CyLock makes it easy to add Multi factor authentication to your web application, complete with self-service enrollment .

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