How to Mitigate the risks of identity fraud and data loss for Online Customers and Partners?

The internet world we are accessing today is a well-connected maze with umpteen types of websites, links, applications. Businesses around the world transact hundreds of thousands of rupees every day among its stakeholders, customers, and partners. Based on a survey by Symantec, hackers target firms, and customers using stealthier methods of identity fraud to access private confidential data and the […]

How to protect user credentials from getting breached?

Nowadays most of the organization faces the wrath of the data breach, especially on protecting its user credentials. A data breach can occur because of many reasons and it might not be a temporary issue, so organizations have to protect their confidential data and ensure not to get affected again by using a secure platform like two factor authentication. One […]

What are the different types of account take over fraud?

Account take over fraud scenario is rapidly increasing, and nearly 100 attacks per second are happening worldwide signifying the impact of this attack. Firms around the world are transforming from a traditional brick and mortar model of business to online business. On the positive side, the internet bloomed over the years, reaping up more growth opportunities and helps to target […]

How to secure access to enterprise applications in the cloud

Gone are the days where traditional technologies like VPN, remote desktop protocol (RDP), and proxies were used for secure access to applications. Enterprise applications that provide simple and secure access while operating on the cloud are replacing the older technologies. The evolving cloud platform helps in gaining access to the enterprise application and keeps it hidden from public exposure. When […]