How to secure access to enterprise applications in the cloud

Gone are the days where traditional technologies like VPN, remote desktop protocol (RDP), and proxies were used for secure access to applications. Enterprise applications that provide simple and secure access while operating on the cloud are replacing the older technologies. The evolving cloud platform helps in gaining access to the enterprise application and keeps it hidden from public exposure. When you use a SaaS-based cloud provider, multi-factor authentication is crucial and inevitable.

The multi factor authentication mechanism is streamlined and effective for enterprise applications because they minimize unauthorized access while authenticating users via email, TOTP, or SNS. According to an IDG report, 73% of enterprises will be deployed on cloud infrastructure using multi factor authentication this implies the essential need for accessing secure data through multi factor authentication. 

Benefits of multi factor authentication:

Numerous benefits can be gained by multi factor authentication some of them are:

  1. A security tool that protects your customers and company data
  2. Achieve compliance using optimized risk assessment
  3. Multi factor authentication makes it difficult for hackers to access secure data
  4. Making the login process much easier and effective

Multi factor authentication is used by businesses of all sizes because it provides an extra layer of security for people who are accessing your data and by preventing access to hackers. There are lots of options available today to get cloud software with a multi factor authentication process but one needs to tread carefully before choosing a perfect one. Imagine having a single product that solves all of your security woes and provides impressive security while accessing applications on the cloud. Look no more because Cylock is the one-stop destination for everything that is cloud security.

Cylock: A multi factor authentication cloud service

Cylock is a prestigious product of Cybernexa, Cybernexa pioneered in providing exemplary service in cybersecurity with sound experience in the cybersecurity field. Cylock offers multi-factor authentication for your cloud services by providing resilient and secure access to your data. 

Why Cylock?

Two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication is one form of multi-factor authentication which provides diverse capabilities. Some of them are geofencing, real-time fraud alert, QR code self-enrollment, and much more.

Cost of ownership: With multi factor authentication there is no need for heavy-duty hardware or tokens thereby reducing the overall cost. An analysis was conducted with 5000 users and Cylock is proven to produce 48% cost savings for your company.

OOB authentication: Cylock’s out-of-band authentication protects your employees and enterprise applications from malicious phishing attacks.

Real-time fraud alert: This feature of Cylock ensures risk-free data access without any worries for a data breach because suspicious activities are instantly reported to the users.

Geo-fencing: Cylock provides the best of the best geo-location authentication by GPS devices wherever you are.

Security data breaches are increasing every day that even large organizations get stuck. If you want your data and users to be protected while accessing the cloud then a good security provider like Cylock with multi-factor authentication is important and crucial for your business. With cylock’s multitasking features, you are assured to get your work done effectively and safely without facing any security issues.

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