CLOUD LOGIN - Use CyLock MFA to protect cloud services

Multi-factor authentication is no more an alternative option.

When you use modern cloud providers (SAAS), this extra layer of protection may significantly reduce the chance of aggressive takeover.

The possibility that valuable cloud accounts may be stolen is too high to focus on securing them with little more than a password.

An intruder, who can reach a major cloud provider, in particular cloud Login, may conduct spying or vandalism, or he can cause mayhem.

Customers will improve the protection of their Cloud accounts by utilizing the multi-factor authentication functionality offered by CyLock. Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of identification protection to the sign-in phase by allowing the user to provide through OTP, E-OTP, PIN or Finger Print authentication or any of the methods offered by CyLock associated with the user's account

Switch on CyLock (MFA) Multi-factor authentication for any critical cloud service you use, particularly those linked to business accounts.

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