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Cyber security Multi factor Authentication Specialist

Welcome to Cybernexa - Our Story

Established with the aim of eliminating one of the largest security breaches in cyber security for companies worldwide.There is a shortage of user acceptance for additional authentication solutions. The question arises from the point that existing approaches are not user-friendly or easy to use. That's why, we at Cybernexa aspire to establish a global norm of mobile authentication-a protection which secures users data and does not affect customer experience.

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Who We Are

We Innovate Strong Security Products And Solutions That Offer The Best Authentication Appropriate For All Sectors.

Cybernexa is a Global Information Security company providing innovative security solutions and cybersecurity compliance services. With strong focus on Research & Development, we are committed to provide innovative solutions and services which address current security requirements of mobile-centric world.


Industry Use Case

What We Do

We provide Strong Mobile Centric Out of Band(OOB) Authentication and authorization for all industries.

We Protect your Network Devices ( CISCO), VPN, Remote Desktop Login, Applications against phishing and credential theft. The addition of an additional data protection layer enables organizations to meet GDPR or PCI-DSS / HIPAA compliance and other requirements.

  • Application Security
  • End User Trust
  • No Hardware
  • Low

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Why CyLock ?

CyLock is a token-less, advanced Out-of-Band Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution which provides strong authentication & authorization mechanism using end users mobile devices that defeats modern cyber threats like Man-in-the-Middle, Phishing & SIM swap fraud and provides realtime protection to user identity & data.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the best way to protect yourself online.

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